With the Simorgh 3D (Legends of Persia's level editor) you can design your own levels to have endless fun with the game. This editor allows you to create your own world, enemies, and quests, provided you were part of the group that supported the development of the game via Kickstarter.

  • Simorgh 3D world editor is developed by Sourena Game Studio
  • Simorgh editor is designed for creating RTS & RPG games
  • Create attractive levels with different unit types, terrains (raise, lower, level) along with variety of textures (normal maps supported)
  • Define exclusive AI behavior for each unit in the editor
  • Supports Cyrus Script (an script language developed by Sourena game studio)
  • Each event in the game can be controlled and handled by script commands
  • Simorgh editor also has special script editor for adding & editing scripts
  • Final game can be run just by pressing the Play button in the editor
  • It runs instantly once the Play button is fired. No waiting on loading or compiling
  • Contains Segan X.An advanced GUI system (developed by Sourena) that simulates 2D frames and Objects (GUI Elements) in 3D space with special features. Segan GUI is based on Direct X API. It is fast and supports Unicode text to display multilingual text.
  • Can be bound to the other objects for creating complex objects like list box, combo box and etc.
  • Easy to use. Add/Edit terrain, water, effects, script, components of characters, video, music, sound, SFX (2D & 3D), and Lights ( with differed shading )

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