KayKavoos, the imaginative Persian king, who had under his reign half of the lands of his age, thought about conquering sky to heaven after his legendary achievements.
He mounted his sky chariot carried by four powerful birds and set foot in the sky.
But there was the powerful sky angel stopping his imaginations and ruling desire.
It was when a glowing spirit of a child appeared in front of him. “I am KayKhosrow.” Whispered the child. “Son of Siavoosh, Son of Kavoos! If you now destroy this man due to his many sins, you have destroyed my father and robbed of my future existence!”
Thought the angel for a glance, then by just a touch, threw the chariot of rebellious king to earth where he first came from. “And I have not the order to destroy your ancestor hence returned him alive to his land but you will have much burden to carry!
The angel whispered to KayKhosrow “Big battles will happen between your ancestors and you will end cruelties of the time. When that time comes, evil forces will attack borders of Persia and will come the time of vengeance for your people.
Now, rest at peace for your time is yet to come…”
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